Blue Heron Brewing Co. is a family owned and operated small brewery and winery.  Scott and Kristin Hennelly have been home brewers for years. In 2009, we decided to turn our passion into a brewery and 13 months later we opened our doors and brewed our first 100 gallon batches of beer. Joshua Johnson is our partner and our vintner, producing our wine.   Today, we have a little tasting room in Rinconada, NM (2214 Hwy 68, Embudo, NM  87531) where you can taste our beer and wine, relax and enjoy a pint, and walk away with growler or bottle of something delicious.  In 2014 we opened a second tap room in Espanola where you can enjoy pizzas, sandwiches, and of course our beer and wine.

A little about the owners: 

Scott is a biochemist and an engineer. He keeps everything functioning.  Scott has also developed some of our beer recipes and hopes to do more brewing in the future.

Kristin is the ale wife.  She is the brewer and keeper of the beer, making sure it gets from fermenters to taps for everyone to enjoy.

Joshua is the vintner.  Joshua and Kristin grew up in the winemaking business and now Joshua has an opportunity to make wines of his own choosing.  Joshua has many years of wine making experiences.

We also have three little-brewmasters in the making. Scott and Kristin have three children, who love to eat the grain and get under our feet.  You are likely to meet them in the tasting room as well.

We hope you’ll stop by and taste!

~ Kristin, Scott, and Joshua

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