Our Beers:


*La Loma Session Ale - This is a light, mild ale with just a touch of hops on the back of the pallet.  Named after the hill area of Española (La Loma). This easy sipper compliments our Fried Chicken Sandwich.

*Embudo Gold Golden Ale -  This is a light but full bodied ale brewed with local hops when available.  A nice thirst quencher for hot afternoons.  Try this with our smothered fries.

*Tarantula Trek Red Ale - This easy going malty ale is lightly hopped and will keep you trekking along.  Delicious with a nice London broil.

*Magpie Rye This is a dry ale with a beautifully subtle rye taste on the finish and just the right balance of hops. Great with a baby greens salad or a green chili burger.

*Amber’s Folly Amber Ale – This naughty little Amber is malty and smooth with a caramel background.  This ale pairs nice with our Blue Heron Burger smothered in blue cheese, home fries and ceasar salad.

*Lava Rock Pale Ale – This is our twist on the typical American Pale. Perfectly hopped with extra body.  This beer goes well with life (we think you should get one, a Pale Ale that is)   Perfect with a dish of Carne Adovada, a side of beans and a steaming hot tortilla.

*Ladybug IPA This clean, hoppy IPA is what you were dreaming about last night, no after that.Sure we could have named it "anihilator IPA " or some such, but this beer is quite secure with itself (imagine the Hulk in a sun dress and a Louis Vuitton bag). It has a beautiful citrus nose and a satisfying bite with amazing depth.

*Cascabel IPA – An IPA for those who want to remember beer is made of barley not just hops, mind you it has plenty of both.  Perfect beer to go with our CARNE Pizza.

*La Llorona Scottish AleDon't be afraid! This dark, malty ale is SMOOOOOOOTH, with a distinct chocolate background. Goes with haggis but we prefer to have it with our pulled pork sandwich and chocolate chip cookies.

*Peñasco Porter – A dry, dark porter with just a touch of roasted barley in the background.  Pairs nice with smoked salmon with pumpernickel bread, capers and sliced green onions.

*Prieta Real Imperial Stout – Be afraid, you will want another but think twice, the night is younger than you are. Perfect for breakfast or dessert.


*Oro de Rio Grande Pilsner – This is a fine crisp and clean traditional Czech pilsner.  This is a wonderful lager to have with a shrimp pad Thai dish smothered in a peanut sauce.

*La Cabra Doppel Bock  - A dark, creamy bock with a hint of chocolate, slightly hopped . This doppel bock would go wonderful with brats in an apple sauerkraut.   

*XXX Maibock- the lighter of the bock with a rich velvety mouth feel.  Serve this up with tuna steak and rice pilaf.


*Autumn Sun – This is a smooth, light ale brewed with local Hops from Rinconada.  This ale is a real treat and would go great with sweet and sour pork and egg rolls.

*Los Duraznos Peach Ale – A light smooth beer that punches you with peaches in the background.  Fruity and yet dry.  This would go well with a quinoa salad and a fruit plater.

*Please contact the brewery regarding keg purchases

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